Innovation In The Sun 2012 Podcast

I’ve just returned from a wicked week out at Innovation In The Sun. As ever I played a few sets throughout the week, at the pre-party, foam party, and on the final night which went off!

I was also catching up with artists and ravers throughout the week recording interviews for the Innovation Podcast. Check the video below of my interview with Hospital Record artists Camo & Krooked.
See what they had to say about the event and what the women in the hotel across from them looked like!!

Two Innovation ‘In The Sun Special’ episodes of the podcast have been release this month. In episode 40 I spoke with a host of artists including Netsky, Uncle Dugs, Messy MC, Subzero, Lenzman, Skibadee, Shabba, Cyantific, Wilkinson, MC Biggie, Majika, DJ Phantasy, Robyn Chaos from Therapy Sessions & many more to find out what they were doing and what they thought of the event.

Episode 41 features a live recording of my set from the final night of the event alongside MC’s Krafty, Biggie & MC Skibadee. You can listen to all the interviews and goings on from out there on the ‘In The Sun Special’ by subscribing to the Innovation Podcast on iTunes

@UncleDugs just got so old skool he had to join the Rolling Stones! #RCFFMy home for this weekFoam Party in full effect! Brrrraaaapppp!! #InTheSunInnovation #InTheSun 2012 crewAnd so it begins. Innovation In The Sun 2012Another beach shot to make you all jealous

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