Ikea Hack DJ Booth

A few people recently messaged after I posted on my Instagram Story about the new DJ booth I built for my home studio. As such I thought I’d share a few details on how you could build something similar for yourself.

After researching the internet for ideas, I found this solution that was both functional & uncomplicated….


What You Need

Ikea Lack TV Bench

Ikea Kallax Shelf 2×4

No More Nails adhesive

Lack TV Bench
Kallax 2×4 Shelf


Build your Lack cabinet as per the instructions, except don’t fit the 4 legs to the bottom of the cabinet.

Assemble your Kallax shelf following the supplied instructions.

Make sure the top of the Kallax unit is dust free and apply thick beads of No More Nails (not too close to the edge or else it’ll squish out when we put the cabinet on.

Clear any dust off the bottom of the Lack unit and place on top of your glued surface. Make sure the back of both units are lined up. The Lack unit is a few cm’s wider than the Kallax so make sure the units are centred to your liking.

Be sure to place the metal supports inside the Lack, then add weight to to top & leave for 24-48 hours for the No More Nails to cure… I used 2 kettle bells & a couple of size 11 ski boots for this 🎿

There you have it, perfect home DJ work surface for just under £100. Ergonomically it’s perfect for my height to stop me slouching while in the mix, as you can see here.

I also purchased a pair of Gorilla GSM-50 Stands to put my speakers on, I was so impressed with the pair I bought for my studio monitors so decided to treat myself to a pair for the DJ set up as well.

Good luck building your DJ set up 👍

NOTE: The Lack TV Bench currently available from IKEA now is slightly different to the one I used. It should still work, but your hack will differ to mine slightly.

Published by DJ Ollie

Drum & Bass DJ, producer and promoter

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