Innovation In The Sun 2013 Podcast

For the past week I’ve been out at Innovation In The Sun 2013 and what a week it’s been! So many great club nights & special events popping off each and every day. One thing I was supposed to be doing was a podcast recording in the Dreams Bar in front of a live audience, unfortunatly the venue hadn’t set up the correct equipment to make that possible, instead me & DJ Phantasy took over the DJ booth in Colossos to record something for you.

Listen in to this special In the Sun 2013 podcast to hear how the week went, what our highlights were, interviews with special guests DJ Probe & Modified Motion and a whole lot more!

Stitcher Smart Radio

Check out this short Instagram video of me & Phantasy recording this episode

Published by DJ Ollie

Drum & Bass DJ, producer and promoter

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