Top 20 of 2013 Chart

Only a couple of days left of this year so I thought it only fitting that I compile a chart of my top 20 club bangers of 2013.

I’m happy to say there was a lot of good music released this year across all the D&B sub genres, so many so that it was hard to whittle this chart down to just 20 tracks.

Ram Records had a particularly strong year with excellent albums from Loadstar, Calyx & Teebee, Wilkinson and the great Schema EP from Hamilton. Cyantific’s CYN Music label came into its own with releases by Dimension, Karma & of course Cyantific. Hype & Pascals Playaz label continued to dominate with the debut Annix album, EP’s from Hazard, Subzero, Original Sin & Jaydan, more installments of their Flavours EP series and a killer single from new signings Bass Brothers. I also really liked some of the bits Need For Mirrors released this year.

Thanks to all the artists & labels that kept my stocked up with good music throughout the year including Infrared, Shogun Audio, SGN Ltd, Muzik Hertz, Radius, Prog:Ram, 3D Mode, V & Chronic Records, Low Down Deep, Audio Porn, Viper, Majistrate, Zen and Modified Motion to name a few.

Finally I was really pleased to see releases on my own Direct Recordings label topping the D&B charts and was amazed by the support for my own release Chinook. Hopefully that success will continue into 2014.

Check out my 2013 chart over at Trackitdown

Any you think I missed out on? Hit me up on Twitter @DJOllieDnB

DJ Ollie Top 20 of 2013


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