Best of 2015 – Top 10

Trying to condense all my favourite tunes of 2015 into a neat top 10 hasn’t been easy, so much good D&B has been made this year. Of course there’s a few bits from my own label in there that I’m very proud to have released, The Remixed EP and finally getting a single out of Modified Motion were high points personally. Serum had a great year for me, as did Ram Records who have put out so much music through 2015.

Here’s my chart, let me know what you think of my selections


I also think it’s only fair to shout a few of the producers & labels that I couldn’t squeeze in. 2015 saw some great albums from Spectrasoul, Jaydan, Break, Majistrate, Rene Lavice, The Prototypes, Ed Rush & Optical, Potential Badboy, and Voltage. Jaydan’s Smoking Riddims label, along with Logan D’s Low Down Deep have kept me well stocked with dancefloor beats throughout the year.

TC sent me some tunes that I hammered throughout the middle of the year, unfortunately for you lot I don’t think they’re getting released hence couldn’t be included in this chart. I’ve been impressed by newcomers DJ Limited, Freek, Upgrade, and of course Samy Nicks & Rekwest who I was lucky enough to get a single out of.

Finally this is the track I’ve played to myself the most this year, big up to Grooverider for putting me on to it and of course Shy FX who sent it over to me so I could play it 🙂

Wishing you all a great Christmas & happy new year. Let’s hope 2016 is just a good musically!

Published by DJ Ollie

Drum & Bass DJ, producer and promoter

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