What Is Your Entertainment Worth?

I saw Rinse FM’s Uncle Dugs post something on his Facebook that got me thinking…

What is your entertainment worth to you? I know you’re all missing the nightlife & festivals!

If you enjoyed a particular artists mix, livestream or music, would you go buy one of their tracks or their merchandise? It WILL help them to carry on doing what they do & is way cheaper than a festival ticket!! Had you been allowed to go drinking in a pub for the duration of that artists set how much would you have spent on booze?

As an example, I personally have not had a single penny come into my bank account since early March. If everyone that had watched one of my live streams had sent just £1 my way I’d have had a few less sleepless nights over the past couple of months. I’m not alone, I know so many of my friends in the music industry are in the same situation, self employed with no idea when we’re going to have an income again. I’m sure this applies to actors, comedians, singers & musicians as well.

As Uncle Dugs said in his post, the industry will return after time, but I guarantee a few artists, events, club nights, venues & festivals that you know & love won’t be there any more. If they add value to your lives, maybe consider buying that track or that t-shirt they’ve been trying to flog you on social media for months?

Published by DJ Ollie

Drum & Bass DJ, producer and promoter

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