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The 40th release from the Direct Recordings camp is a collaboration between AKAS & DJ Ollie, two names entrenched in the drum & bass scene and who’s careers have followed a similar trajectory throughout the years, although not necessarily the same path.

Both artists have been friends for near on 2 decades, but surprisingly, until now, they’ve never worked on a track together until now…

Fingers crossed this is the first of many from this duo as they obviously have chemistry in the studio!!

AKAS may be a new name to a lot of people, but to those in the know, way back when, he was the guy that gave many a household D&B name their early releases on his Talkin’ Beatz imprint. Under various artist alias’ he’s recorded music for Viper, Technique, Monstacat, Frequency, C.I.A, Dynamic Audio, and had tracks on Hospital, UKF & Innovation compilation albums. Recently he’s collaborated on as yet unreleased projects with DJ Limited & Danny Byrd. AKAS may be his new pseudonym, but he definitely has a proven track record.

DJ Ollie’s work in the scene is extensive, with a drum and bass history that includes promoting internationally renowned events, a DJ career that stretches back to the mid 90’s, radio presenting, running record labels, putting together compilation album projects, even working behind the counter of a pioneering D&B record shop… Which is where he first crossed paths with AKAS!

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Drum & Bass DJ, producer and promoter

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