As We Enter – Reading

Regrettably I’m not going to be able to make it to the Reading leg of the Innovation As We Enter tour that I was advertised to play at.

I’m currently in Amsterdam helping with the logistics of the Garage Nation weekender & getting things prepped for the forthcoming Innovation In The Dam event. This came up after the Reading event promo had gone out, but of course it’s more pressing that I be here working behind the scenes to help these two far bigger events run smoothly.

Don’t let my absence stop you getting your drum and bass fix at Sub89 tonight, the rest of the line up is looking big and will all be in attendance. Tyke & Modified Motion will be doing separate sets to fill the gap in the line up that I left so big up to those guys.

Tickets are available on the door

Published by DJ Ollie

Drum & Bass DJ, producer and promoter

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