End Of An Era

For almost 5 years I’ve hosted my fortnightly show on Rough Tempo Radio, but I’m sorry to say that my time there has come to an end 😕

Recently I’ve been struggling to balance a fortnightly show with work commitments & still manage a social life with what’s left of my weekends, so I’ve decided to step aside from my Sunday night show and let someone else have the opportunity to play their favourite drum and bass tunes to a loyal audience.

The show has also been a constant regular thing for me to keep me going when other areas of my life haven’t been going so well over the last few years so for that I am eternally greatful 👏🏼

Thanks to Scoundrel for letting me do my thing on such a great platform. I’ve been doing radio for many years & Rough Tempo is one of the most expertly run station & has the best studio facilities I’ve had the pleasure to broadcast from. Also thanks to all of you in your RT caps & t-shirts that have tapped me up at gigs to say how much you enjoy the show… That’s why I do what I do.

Be sure to go back and listen to my back catalogue of Rough Tempo shows on Mixcloud or you can check the archived Facebook live streams.

Published by DJ Ollie

Drum & Bass DJ, producer and promoter

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